By | November 12, 2020

Globalization movements across the world have made it easier to access counties that are away from your home state. Canada is a great example of this. It is not difficult to move to this country located on another continent and separated from Nigeria by the Atlantic Ocean.

However, not everyone understands the process of Canada immigration from Nigeria. Of course, you cannot move there right away, but the Canada immigration permanent resident permit requires a lot of document work from you.

In this article, we tell you about the process of immigration to Canada from Nigeria, and why you should choose this country.

Why Immigrate to Canada?

There are many reasons to choose this country on the North American continent as a new home place.

  1. To begin with, requirements for immigration to Canada for people from Nigeria are not as strict when compared to other states. This country has a high Immigration quota, as well as a support hub for migrants. There are centers you can address with the question of how to migrate to Canada all around the world and you can receive a free consultation.
  2. Apart from various programs for migration, this county offers non-immigrant options, which include student programs and work permits, which can be the first step to becoming a citizen of the country if you are from Nigeria.
  3. Once you are in the state, you have access to a wide range of job opportunities, courses, and other facilities. There is a great social security system for migrants, as well as a health care network. The salaries are also quite high.
  4. Canadian citizens can travel around the world without a visa. This rule is also valid if you have a permanent residence permit in the country. There are only a few countries that will require a visa.
  5. This country provides the best grounds for starting your own business, so if you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, this state is the right place for you! The taxes are not as high as in many other countries, and you don’t have to provide a lot of documents.

What to Pay Attention to During the Migration Process?

There are some aspects that are very important when you are going to migrate to Canada from Nigeria, such as proof of funds, certificate of language knowledge, etc.

Reasons for Immigration

If you are from Nigeria, you can follow one of five ways to obtain a residence permit in this country: employment, business, family reunion, asylum-seeking, and education (the last one gives a temporary residence permit, but you can then find a job and obtain a permanent one).

Employment Migration from Nigeria

This way is the most commonly used and centers for migrants accept employment applications almost all the time. What you need to know there is that you need to be officially employed when applying, so be sure to find a job and pass all interviews before you start an application process.

Business Migration from Nigeria

You can follow this way if you are already in the state and you have enough funds to start your own business. It is crucial to know that the requirements for entrepreneurship vary in different provinces in this country, so you need to address the local center for entrepreneurs.

Family Immigration to Canada

This way of becoming a citizen is for those who have a family member in the country. If your husband or wife works in the country, you can follow the family reunion immigration program. However, you need to provide additional documents, such as proof of funds (evidence that the funds are enough to support the whole family), accommodation proof (evidence that the place of residence is sufficient for all family members), and school acceptance (for the children of school age).

Asylum-Seeking and Education

For migrants from Nigeria, asylum-seeking is not going to work, so do not waste your time on it. As for education, you need to enter the university and get a visa; then, during your student time, you can find a job and apply for a permanent residence permit.

How to Arrange Proof of Funds for Canada Immigration?

Proof of funds is a significant part of all documents you need to provide. A document is regarded as a valid proof of funds, if it is printed on the financial institution’s letterhead and includes the information about this institution, indicates your name and contact details, has a list of your debts, loans (if you have any), accounts numbers, current balances, and the cash flow for the past 6 months.

The amount you need to have is C$12,960 for a person, and for each additional family member, the figure is going to rise by C$3,492.

Language Certificate

If you are from Nigeria, you don’t have to provide a language certificate to move to this country. Since there are two official languages, you can speak one of them, English or French. You will have a language test during the application process, so immigration to Canada without IELTS is possible.

However, if you have already passed the exam, you can use it instead of the test. What is the minimum score in IELTS for immigration to Canada? You need to have more than 5.0 as your exam score. You can also pass DALF as your language certificate, which is the exam of the French language.

Current Situation

Taking into account the pandemic and the closed borders, you need to know the latest information before applying for migration programs from Nigeria.

  • Find a Canada immigration program that suits you on the website of Global. They have the fullest list of opportunities for migration, as well as the requirements.
  • Canada immigration news is available on VFS. Global mentioned above, High Commission in Nigeria, and Government of CA. The website of the High Commission is the official Canada immigration website of the Canadian embassy in Nigeria.

The process of immigration from Nigeria is long, but if you read all the information, this path will be easy. Use the data and websites we have included in this article.