By | November 12, 2020

A lot of people from Nigeria think about going to Canada for different purposes. This country attracts foreigners with a long history, an interesting blend of cultures, high quality of education, great standards of living, and tolerant society.

However, Canada requires a visa from Nigerian citizens, so you cannot just buy tickets and fly to the North-American continent. In this article, we explain in detail everything you need to know about Canada green card application in Nigeria, so read on, if you need to get the entry permit to this country!

Canada Visa Application in Nigeria

There are four types of entry permit you can get: temporary resident visa, study permit, work permit, and permanent resident travel document. The last one is about migrating to Canada, so just a granting will not be enough. Find more information about that on the official websites.

The other three types are green cards for traveling, studying, and working. Let us analyze all of them!

Requirements for Canadian Visa in Nigeria

To begin with, we will tell you the basic information that is the same for all types of permits.

Application Process

There are two ways of application: online and on paper. In both cases, you will have to provide your biometrical data. The Canada visa application center in Nigeria recommends you to apply online because the application is processed instantly, it is easier to complete the online Canada visa application form in Nigeria, you can track Canada visa application in Nigeria, and finally, it is safer during the global pandemic.

There is a Canada visa application fee in Nigeria that you need to pay before applying. It is C$100 for a travel permit, C$150 for a student permit, and C$155 for a work document. Besides, there are additional biometric fees: C$85 for an individual permit and C$170 for a family document.


Here is the list of documents you need for all types of entry permits. Additional information will be given in the paragraphs about the visit, student, and work permits.

  1. ID and passport.
  2. Application form (you will find it on the website when applying, or in the center; it consists of questions about the goal of your visit and personal information).
  3. Proof of the fee payment.
  4. Proof of funds (the funds depend on the permit type and the region you want to visit).
  5. Identity and Civil Status documents.
  6. Police clearance (it is a unique document that this country requires; you can get it in the local police department).
  7. Medical exam and insurance.

Center and Processing Time

You have three options if you want to apply offline. Firstly, you can go to the Canada visa application centre in Lagos, Nigeria, located on Admiral Ayinla Way, Lekki Phase I. Secondly, there is the center in Abuja, located in Silverbird Entertainment Centre, 1161 Memorial Drive, Central Business District. Thirdly, you can address the High Commission, located in Diplomatic Dr, Central Business District in Abuja.

As for Canada visa Nigeria processing time, you need to apply in advance because the average processing time is around 3 months. Travel documents are issued in 2 months, while student and work ones take around 4 months to be ready. Online applications are processed quicker, and you may receive your permit in just 1 month.

Travel Permit

Let us move to the types of entry permits. The first type is called a Temporary Resident Permit, which is a travel visa. It allows you to visit your family or friends, explore the culture and nature of the country, solve some business issues (for example, if you want to attend a conference), and transit through the state. Apart from the documents mentioned above, you need to provide a letter of invitation or tickets to the places, events, etc. that you want to visit.

Student Document

It may become an issue for students to obtain the document. How long does it take to get a Canadian student visa in Nigeria? We know it already: 4 months for students from Nigeria. Even though universities in this country allow you to start a year remotely, it is still a big problem.

When applying, you need to provide proof of acceptance to the university or college, and all the documents required by the educational establishment (certificates and diplomas, for example).

Work Permit

This type of permit takes the longest to be processed, but you also get help from the company you are going to work with. In many cases, your employer applies for a document and pays the fee, so you should ask about that.

However, apart from all the documents mentioned above, you also need to prove that you have a place to live and that your salary will be good enough for you and for your family staying in your native country (if you are not the only one working in the family, you need to prove that your family member has a job).

The process of getting an entry permit is always long, but the reward is sweet – you get to visit one of the most famous countries in the world. Canada will amaze you with its culture and society. Collect all documents and consult your local center if you have any questions.