By | November 11, 2020

Thanks to the development of international relationships in Nigeria, school graduates from this country have the opportunity to obtain a university scholarship in many countries around the world. The other reason that makes it easier for graduates from Nigeria to become international students is that English is the official language of this country; since the international programs are based on the English language, students from Nigeria have a great advantage.

Among different countries that offer free education for international students from Nigeria, scholarship in Canada is one of the most popular choices that school graduates from Nigeria make. It is a great choice because there are many scholarship programs in Canada, and you can choose any major you like since almost all universities in this country have English as a language for studying.


In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Canada scholarship if you are from Nigeria: the requirements, the process of applying, and the list of the educational establishments where you can obtain a grant.


There are certain requirements you need to be aware of before applying for free education in this country. For students from Nigeria, there is a possibility to apply for a scholarship in Canada for developing countries, and it will give you an additional bonus during entering a university.

You need to be a school graduate with a certificate. The higher your grades at school in Nigeria are, the more chances you have to get a grant. You also have to pass entry exams with excellent results. Another important requirement is that you should provide evidence that you need a grant. If your family is rich, you have fewer chances to have a fully funded scholarship in Canada.

Process of Application

You have several options of grants for students from Nigeria: fully funded, which means that you don’t pay a tuition fee; partial grant that is the grant that covers only a part of tuition fee; and monthly payments, which means that you pay full tuition fee, but receive a certain amount of money every month to cover your expenses.

It is important to check the grant options when applying because the requirements and offers may vary from one university to another.

PhD Scholarship in Canada

If you want to receive a grant for PhD education, you need to be a graduate of a Canadian university. Only with a diploma from a local university, you can apply for continuing the research you have conducted before.

Universities in Canada Offering Scholarship

Now, let us move to the list of the best educational establishments that students from Nigeria who want to study in this country can consider. Most of the institutions on our list provide you with undergraduate scholarship in Canada, but universities offer also postgraduate studies, while colleges are only for a bachelor’s degree.

List of Colleges for Students from Nigeria

1.     Centennial College


It is the first public college in Toronto, and now it is offering numerous programs in business, community and health studies, hospitality and transportation, communications, science and engineering technology, and general arts. All programs are career-oriented, and the college offers a lot of possibilities for scholarship for international students in Canada.

2.     Seneca College


In this college, you can obtain a free education at full-time and part-time programs, which is great if students from Nigeria want to combine education and job. You can apply for a program in business, technology, finance, and applied arts.

3.     Fanshawe College


It is harder to become a student who does not pay the fee here because people from all around the world want to study in Fanshawe. The reason is that the college promises employment for all its students right after graduation. The focus of college programs here is on technologies and management.

4.     Confederation College


The system in this college is different because you need to become a student and only then apply for a grant. If you have good results on entering exams, you have great chances to receive a fully-funded grant. Confederation College provides programs in business and management.

5.     Humber College


It is one of the largest colleges in the country, and the amount of international students is also very high. You cal apply for more than 20 grant programs if you are from Nigeria, but all of them are connected with technical skills and knowledge.

MSc Scholarship in Canada

Here is the list of the best universities in the country.

1.     University of Toronto


It is the largest and the most prestigious university in the country, so there is great competition for a grant here. However, students from Nigeria can still obtain a grant because the number of programs this university offers is enormous and you can find the one that suits you.

2.     McGill University


Apart from a grant, you can also apply for financial aid in this establishment. It is great for those who are already students but cannot handle the fee. The programs here are also diverse, like Finance and Environment, Education and Music, etc.

3.     University of British Columbia


Almost all grants are focused on Medical programs this university offers, so we suggest that you chose the British Columbia, if you want to be a doctor.

MBA Scholarship in Canada

As a separate section for masters’ scholarship, we want to present grants for MBA in Canada. Here are the best universities for MBA grants.

1.     Cape Breton U.


2.     U. Canada West


3.     U. Of Prince Edward Island


4.     Royal Roads U.


5.     York U.


We wish you good luck with your application from Nigeria and receiving a full-funded scholarship for studying in Canada. Use the information we gave you in this article, and make sure to find all the necessary details on the educational establishments’ official webpages.