By | November 11, 2020

When Canada establishes diplomatic relations with another country, it opens its diplomatic mission there. You can find Embassies, Consulates, High Commissions, and Visa Centers that this state may open in other countries.

When it comes to Nigeria, it has three official diplomatic missions there: High Commission, Deputy High Commission, and Consulate.

Canada Embassy in Nigeria

Let’s look at these diplomatic missions in detail.

High Commission

It is located in Abuja, on 13010G, Palm close, Diplomatic Drive, Central Business District. You can visit their website:

In the High Commission, you can obtain passport services and visa consultations. Note that you need to make an appointment because you cannot arrive and receive a consultation right away. Moreover, due to the pandemic restrictions, the number of appointments for a day is restricted.

Canada Embassy in Lagos

There is Deputy High Commissions of the state in Lagos. It is located at 4 Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island. Their website is

This office is a subsidiary of the first one, so if you have issues here, you can resolve them in Abuja. However, all basic passport services can be obtained at the place.


You can also find a consulate of Canada in Nigeria. It is located at 15 Ahoada Street, Rumuibekwe Housing Estate, in Port Harcourt. It doesn’t have its website, but you can learn more information about the consulate here:

Consulate works more with diplomatic relations between countries, so it is better to address your visa questions to the High Commissions.

Important Facts

It is important to know the difference between different types of diplomatic missions that may be opened in different states. Canada can have embassies and high commissions. The first ones are opened in states that are not members of Commonwealth countries, while the second ones are for Commonwealth countries. So, the absence of an embassy in your country can be easily explained by this fact.

Consulate is different, because it is usually a smaller diplomatic mission, and it deals more with governmental issues rather than with visa and passport applications.

If you need to obtain a visa, you should visit one of the offices we have described in this article.

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