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Universities in Canada for Masters

Students from Nigeria often want to enter Canada universities because the quality of the education system in this country is very high. If your future employer sees that you have got a diploma from a Canadian educational establishment, he or she will…Read More »

Study in Canada

One of the ways to move from Nigeria to Canada is to become a student in this country. It is very prestigious to receive an education here because the quality of schooling is very high. There are a lot of international students…Read More »

Schools in Canada

Immigration from Nigeria is a long process and it requires a lot of time and effort from you. It is crucial to learn about every aspect of life in the new country, from employment possibilities to shops near your accommodation place. One…Read More »

Medical Schools in Canada

When a student from Nigeria needs to choose a university to study medicine in, medical schools in Canada often come to mind. This country is famous for providing students with a high level of education. The universities and colleges are equipped with…Read More »

How to Migrate to Canada?

Globalization movements across the world have made it easier to access counties that are away from your home state. Canada is a great example of this. It is not difficult to move to this country located on another continent and separated from…Read More »

Canada Visa Application in Nigeria

A lot of people from Nigeria think about going to Canada for different purposes. This country attracts foreigners with a long history, an interesting blend of cultures, high quality of education, great standards of living, and tolerant society. However, Canada requires a…Read More »

Canada Scholarship

Thanks to the development of international relationships in Nigeria, school graduates from this country have the opportunity to obtain a university scholarship in many countries around the world. The other reason that makes it easier for graduates from Nigeria to become international…Read More »

Canada Embassy in Nigeria

When Canada establishes diplomatic relations with another country, it opens its diplomatic mission there. You can find Embassies, Consulates, High Commissions, and Visa Centers that this state may open in other countries. When it comes to Nigeria, it has three official diplomatic…Read More »